Traditional Octopus Fishing in Rodrigues

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Traditional Octopus Fishing in Rodrigues Package offers you the amazing opportunity of stepping out of your ‘spectator’ shoes and try out the wonderful activity of traditional octopus fishing which hundreds of Rodriguans spend the precious hours of their days on.

In Rodrigues, men and women alike can often be seen scouring the shallow lagoon with metal sticks for hidden dens in the sand where octopuses shelter themselves. You will get the fantastic chance of experiencing a quite unique activity - so, put on the boots of an actual octopus’ fisher and get ready for the quest of these meticulous marine creatures.

You need not worry or stress about seeking out the octopuses, for you will benefit from the amazing company and expertise of Virginie, a delightful local octopus’ fisherwoman. Her trained eye and skills will make this trip highly enjoyable. There is, however, no guarantee that you will actually see her catching an octopus. Have a fun time hunting for octopuses on the splendid Rodriguan coast.

On the island of Rodrigues, fishing for octopus has been a traditional economic activity for generations. Octopus is a much appreciated Rodriguan delicacy, loved for its taste and tenderness. Whether in a salad or as a curry, vindaye or daube, the octopus is the closest thing you will find to a Rodrigues’ national dish. It is available in every restaurant menu and is a big part of a regular Rodriguan diet.

Included in the Traditional Octopus Fishing Package

As part of this traditional octopus fishing activity in Rodrigues, the following is included:

  • Maximum 2 Hours Octopus fishing
  • Learning the techniques of octopus’ fishing

Traditional Octopus Fishing in Rodrigues - Package Conditions

Operating Days: Dependent upon tidal conditions and octopus fishing season (Closed from beginning of August until October. For 2018 the dates are: 9th of August 2018 to 10th of October 2018.)

Duration: 2 hours

Minimum Age: 9 Years

Activity Time: Depends on tidal conditions

Departure point: Caverne Provert, in the northern region

Reservation: Required 48 hours in advance by phone & subject to availability

What you should bring: Bottle of water, sunscreen, hat, camera, tanga shoes/ sport shoes/ boots (essential)

Validity: Until 31/10/2019


  • A minimum of 2 persons is required for this activity
  • It is recommended that you wear shorts, to avoid getting your clothes wet while assisting the octopus fisherwoman. You may even be soaked up to your waist.
  • There is no guarantee that you will actually see her catching an octopus

Mauritian ID card or Resident permit must be shown upon arrival

More information on the Traditional Octopus Fishing

On the island of Rodrigues, fishing for octopus has been a traditional economic activity for generations. The fishing is carried out by walking on the flat reefs of the enormous lagoon that surrounds the island (240 km2), using metal sticks to search the dens in which octopuses hide. In the deeper parts of the lagoon, it is carried out in boats from which fishermen handle long spears. Afterwards, the octopuses are traditionally sun-dried in the villages, then sold to locals or exported.

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