Rhumerie de Chamarel Distillery (Visit & Tour)

As from Rs 360

In the heart of a fertile valley, surrounded by vast sugarcane plantations growing in harmony with the pineapples and other tropical fruits nearby lies the Rhumerie de Chamarel Distillery.

As a visitor of the Rum Distillery you can marvel at its unique design which blends harmoniously with the spectacular surroundings where wood, natural stone and water provide a sense of communion with nature.

Guided Tour of Rhumerie de Chamarel - Deals.mu offers you to enjoy a guided tour of the distillery with one of the experienced guides, taking you behind the scenes for a detailed explanation of the rum making process.

Rum tasting - At the end of the tour, unique rum tastings is offered where one can try the selection of the agricultural Rums produced by the distillery. As opposed to the traditional rum produced by the distillation of molasses, the agricultural rum is obtained by distilling pure cane juice, a process which gives it its specifics aromas and flavors.

As part of this visit of the Rhumerie de Chamarel, we offer you to enjoy (offered for supplement) a delicious lunch at the beautiful L’Alchimiste restaurant, specialized in a unique cuisine, prepared with local products sourced from the estate itself.

You can choose the dishes from the selection of dishes detailed here below:

Menu A

  • Starter: Mixed Salad from our Culture
  • Main Course: L’Alchimiste home-made Chicken Curry with Creole rice and vegetables
  • Dessert: Banana and Coconut Panacotta
  • Drinks: Water and Coffee is included within Menu

Menu B

  • Starter: Smoked Marlin roulade with papaya and carotte Or Home Made paté served with a green salad
  • Main Course: Sauteed Chicken with pineapple and vanilla served with Creole rice Or Tuna Steak - cooked mid served with Creole rice
  • Dessert: Pineapple Parfait Or Banana Coconut Panacotta
  • Drinks: Water and Coffee is included within Menu

About the Rum of Rhumerie de Chamarel

The highlight of the whole process for the rum making at Rhumerie de Chamarel is to ensure a High Quality “Eco-Friendly” agricultural Rum. From the growing, harvest, fermentation and sophisticated distilling process, all is done so that the distillery can pride itself on the quality of its rum, achieved by distilling the fresh, fermented cane juice rather than that obtained from molasses.

Aligned with the concept of sustainable developm