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Spa Package for Couples

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Treat your Relationship to a Pampering Spa Package

Spa Package for Couples

Book a spa treatment for your loved one and yourself and find the best spa packages for couples available for Mauritians on

There is nothing as relaxing as a luxurious trip to the spa, offering numerous benefits to both the physical and mental health. A spa experience can be the perfect gift to help your loved one unwind and enjoy some much needed ‘me time.’ Even better than a ‘me time’ is one you can share with a loved one.

Spa package for Couples

Why Choose a Spa Package for Couples

Experiencing a moment of tranquility and rediscovering togetherness while being pampered is the whole point of a spa break for couples.

With the hustle bustle of everyday life, people get engrossed in individualistic tasks and the day becomes routine. With precious quality time becoming scarce and squeezed under the weight of a towering workload, make the little moments count and share a relaxing spa getaway with someone special. A couple spa is the ideal activity to let go of the daily life stress while spending time bonding with your loved one. It is the perfect way to spend quality time together while being pampered.

Take your spa experience to the next level by sharing it with someone special, whether it’s a parent, a partner, a spouse, or a friend.

Why Choose a Spa Package for Couples

What does a Couple Spa Package include

Spa Treatments for couples are a combination that will leave you feeling wide-eyed and energized and at the same time induce the right atmosphere for you to bond. Most of the spa packages for couples would include a massage treatment coupled with another treatment or some freebies.

  • Couples Massage Treatments

The main and most common feature of a couples spa package is the couples massage. They are often romantic but can be booked for friends and family too.

The massages are done in a double treatment room, a special room equipped with two massage beds so you can both receive your massage at the same time. Some rooms have their own bathrooms and a couch or other seating furniture. Enjoy your relaxation time while holding hands and winding down during the spa treatment. Afterwards enjoy a post-massage chit chat or an infusion with your spa-buddy in the lounge.

Couples Massage Treatments
  • Other Couple Spa Treatments – Body Scrubs, Beauty Care and more

Apart from massages, many couple spa packages include other treatments like a body scrub and a body wrap. A body wrap is a delightful spa experience often called a body ‘cocoon’. It begins after the skin exfoliation during which a spa therapist will use a high quality scrub to leave your skin supple.

Otherwise your spa package may include pampering Beauty Treatments such as Facials, Manicures or Pedicures. There are plenty of Couple Spa packages available, so you can pick the one which suits you both.

Spa Package for Couples - Body Scrub
  • Sauna & Hammam

As part of your Couple Spa package, you may get to enjoy access to the Sauna and Hammam, often complimentary or accessible for a small supplement. Having a sauna or hammam experience with your partner, parent or friend is going to be a very unique experience.

The sauna and the hammam takes you along a journey of water and fire for utmost relaxation and detoxification. Allow yourself to relax and go back to the Ottoman’s days and feel like the gods and goddesses of the ancient civilisation, just chilling in the hammam or sauna discussing everything and nothing.

This is the kind of addition to a spa day that you would want to have to complete your relaxation experience.

Spa Package for Couples - Sauna & Hammam
  • Jacuzzi, bath and pool

Depending on what kind of couple spa package it is, you might have access to a jacuzzi, special bath or swimming pool.

That jacuzzi moment is life! We all want to chill in a tub with water jets surrounding us for a moment which scream ‘relax’. Special baths will feature a delicate scent emanating from the water filled with rose petals. A real visual delight and a treat for the senses. Some spa packages include access to the hotel pool or to the spa’s own pool, all in the spirit of relaxation. Enjoy a nice relaxing swim in the pool to make the most of your spa day.

Couple Spa Packages - Jacuzzi, bath and pool

Romantic Couple Spa Deals

Before and after their spa service, couples can relax together in the spa’s serene lounge or dedicated room where, often, beverages and fresh seasonal fruit are offered.

When lovers are in the early stages of romance and want to spend every moment together. They want to share everything about their everyday life and struggle, so why not experience relaxation together? It is also the ideal choice for couples who have not been able to have some quality time together due to their busy lifestyle. Romantic couple spa deals are the best way to celebrate love and to keep the spark alive in a couple.

Romantic Couple Spa Deals

Spa Deals for Two

If you are feeling restless and rundown then there is no better reason to escape from it all by booking a spa break. A spa break is just what you need. If you feel this is not enough, then perhaps you need your bestie to tag along, be it a parent or a friend.

You can improve relationships in your life, perhaps by booking time with a loved one or a close friend. Getting a treatment together or simply relaxing in the Jacuzzi chatting about all kinds of things is the perfect way to reconnect with someone and will ultimately bring you closer together.

Spa Deals for Two

The Best Couple Spa Packages on provides you with an array of the best couple spa packages you can have! Whether you want a chillout day with a friend or family member and need that ‘away from everything’ feeling or if you just want some sweet time to unwind with your special one, you can be sure has got you covered.

Best Couple Spa Packages

Find below some of the best couple spa packages:

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