Shanti Maurice Resort - Lunch & Spa Package

Fine Dining A La Carte Lunch + 60 min Spa + Hotel Facilities
As from Rs 2,850

An exclusivity by! Innovative cuisine and sublime spa experience, this day package at Shanti Maurice will satisfy all senses. This day package provides a stylish and elegant escape for our clients with 1 hour Swedish massage, 2 course lunch from the à la carte menu at “Stars ” restaurant and the resort's facilities.

You will simply fall in love with the pristine beaches, infinity pool and warmest of welcome; all accompanied by sincere service that comes straight from the heart.

As part of this package you would enjoy a unique 1 hour Swedish massage in the resort's award-wining spa. Swedish massage is the manipulation of the superficial layers of the muscles against the bone. Through medium pressure, it relaxes the body, increases circulation, removes metabolic waste products, and helps you obtain a feeling of connectedness.

In a relaxed setting open to ocean views and gentle breezes, as part of the day package, we offer you to enjoy a 2 course lunch at the “Stars ” restaurant. The cuisine at Stars celebrates the rich diversity of our island's history and culture.

Spend the rest of your day by enjoying the many hotel facilities such as the swimming pool, health club, jacuzzi, beach facilities and the recreation center.

Shanti Maurice Resort - Lunch & Spa Package

The culinary art is sacred at Shanti Maurice, an unforgettable mix of inherent and artisanal experiences. With casual beach barbeques, fine Cape-inspired dining at the ocean-front restaurant and simple, healthy fare