Seaplane Flight Trip (Exclusive)

As from Rs 5,000

Experience water take-off and landing. A once in a life time opportunity to go on a private seaplane flight across Mauritius with its breathtaking beaches and coral islands. offers you the opportunity to see the amazing nature of our island from high above. You will be able to observe the yachts and boats sailing on the sea or see the beautiful trees dotting the sandy white beaches of the island like never before.

Your pilot will ensure that you see the famous landmarks and points of interest as you complete one fascinating circuit around at the Northern region of the island. The flight is done at low attitude of up to 1500ft to guarantee clear and close view of all sights and landmarks and provide many picture perfect moments (don’t forget to bring a camera!).

The seaplane flight trip is done on private basis where you will be sitting alongside the pilot who is there to answer any question you might have and to show you all the sights. You will also get to experience the excitement of a water take-off and landing - a unique experience for itself!

This Seaplane Flight Tour includes:

  • Exclusive experience - going on your own private flight, only you and the pilot
  • Full privacy and One-on-One guidance from the pilot
  • Seaplane flight of either 25 or 60 minutes
  • A unique bird’s eye view of Mauritius Northern mountain range, coastal area, beaches, lagoons and countryside.

Operating Days: Monday to Saturday

Opening hours: From 8:00, the last flight is at 16:00

Duration: Choice between 25min and 60min seaplane flights

Minimum age requirement: 7 years and above


  • The seaplane is suitable for only one passenger at a time
  • This is a great experience for everyone and a good solution for those suffering from seasickness and who cannot afford to spend long hours on boats and other vessels.
  • On special requests it also possible to have a full day seaplane flight tour including lunch, few stops on the way, and more - in case of interest please send us E-mail

As from

Rs 5,000

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30/60 minutes of flight

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Rs 5,000