Rodrigues Combi Tour- Heritage Tour + Visit to Francois Leguat + Lunch

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Rodrigues Combi Tour: Heritage Tour + Visit to Francois Leguat + Lunch

Discover Rodrigues with’s Combi Tour package including a complete visit of the Francois Leguat Reserve, a lunch as well as other fun activities and visits.

Visit an old building that has stood the test of time, with its old-fashioned charm still intact, the Saint Gabriel Cathedral and learn the history of this age-old place. Next, head towards the François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve.

As part of the Reserve visit, you will get to stroll through the reserve allowing you to discover the flora and fauna of the island. Enjoy your time in the company of the giant tortoises, see the rare Rodrigues fruit bat and also discover the magnificent caves holding stalactites and stalagmites formed over thousands of years.

As part of this package you will also get to visit the museum where you will learn more about the history of Rodrigues and geology. You will find a life-size sculpture of one of the extinct species of giant tortoises once found on Rodrigues, as well as carapaces of different species of tortoises.

After the visit, relax while relishing a nice hearty meal at the Deux Frères restaurant. Children up to 12 years old, can enjoy a chicken or vegetarian pizza. Post lunch, your discovery journey will continue with a visit to Pointe Canon to discover the military history of the island, followed by a pie baking session.

You will also get to familiarise yourself with a native musical instrument, the tambour. Despite bearing a few similarities to Mauritian music and dance, the Rodriguan music and the island’s folkloric dance, more specifically the séga-tambour, bears some notable divergences that add to its uniqueness.

Included in the Rodrigues Combi Tour

As part of the package, the following is included:

  • Discover the history of the St. Gabriel Cathedral
  • Complete visit of the François Leguat Reserve
  • Mont Pistache and its strata
  • Drive along the Northern coast
  • Tour of Port Mathurin - from the colony era to the present day
  • Lunch at the Deux Frères restaurant - chicken, fish or vegetarian
  • Visit Pointe Canon to discover the military history of the island
  • Learn how to bake a pie
  • Learn the story of Séga - Tambour

Rodrigues Combi Tour - Package Condition

Operating Day: Wednesday (excluding public holidays)

Duration: 7 hours

Activity Time: 08:30-15:30

Departure point: Your hotel/villa/lodging

Minimum number of participants: 2

Maximum number of participants: 12

Reservation: Required 72 hours in advance by phone & subject to availability

Validity: Until 31/10/2019

What you should bring: sports shoes, sunscreen, hat, camera

Mauritian ID card or Resident permit must be shown upon arrival

More Information on the Rodrigues Combi Tour

St Gabriel Church

Constructed between 1936 and 1939, it was built by native volunteers who laboriously carried stone, sand and coral from all corners of the island.

François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve

Located in the Southern coast of the island, just some minutes away from the airport, discover this nature reserve with rich flora and fauna, including spectacular caves that make for a unique place to visit.

Here with the introduction of endemic plants, shrubs and trees, along with protected animal species, you will experience the pristine nature of the island as it used to be some 300 years back.

Enjoy a nice stroll and close interaction with the giant tortoises which were once present in large numbers. The reserve is a conservation project that was started by Owen Griffiths a zoologist whose dream was to recreate the fauna and flora as it was when the first settlers arrived in Rodrigues.

Port Mathurin

Lying on the north coast of Rodrigues, Port Mathurin is a beautiful village that serves as the capital as well as the main harbour of the island. Unmissable sights include its lively market and a splendid viewpoint on Mount Fanal, amongst others.

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