Rodrigues Car Rental & Land Transfer Packages

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Rodrigues Car Rental & Land Transfer Packages

Cheap Car Rentals and Land Transfers in Rodrigues

Find the best car rental packages in Rodrigues on Choose from a fleet of cars to suit your budget and taste- from small cars to sedans, SUVs, 4×4 vans and more. If you\’re looking to explore Rodrigues at your own pace then book car hire services on to get the best rental car offers at great prices.

Safe and Reliable Car Rental in Rodrigues

All car rentals in Rodrigues are well-maintained and are regularly sent for servicing to ensure a comfortable and safe ride for drivers and passengers. If you ever experience any issues on the road, these car rentals include an island-wide support service. As an added perk, no insurance deposit is needed, so you get the best car rental deal in Rodrigues.

4×4 Car and Pickup Rentals in Rodrigues

Rent a 4×4 van or Pickup at the best affordable price on Ideal for adventure-lovers, the 2×4 and 4×4 Pickup Vans are perfect for navigating the hilly rugged roads of Rodrigues and for exploring the mountainous island at your own pace.