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Private Pool Accommodation Deals

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Dive into your own private pool with these amazing Private Pool Accommodation Deals. It\’s not everyday that you get to enjoy a pool all by yourself, but with this is now possible. Browse our catalogue of hotels, villas, penthouses and other accommodation types that have a private pool and book your stay now.

Hotels with Private Pools

Dreaming of a luxury vacation where you can get a private pool and 5-star services? Get the best of both worlds with private swimming pool suites at some of the best luxury hotels in Mauritius. Enjoy all that the hotel has to offer whilst also retreating to your own swimming pool to avoid the crowds.

Villas with Private Pools

No matter your budget, there are plenty of villas with private swimming pools on offer. From affordable villas to state of the art luxury villas, all these properties come with their own swimming pool for you to enjoy in your own privacy. Get the best discounted private swimming pool villas on