Body Mind & Soul Medical Spa
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Body Mind & Soul Medical Spa Package

Spa Package Highlights
60 minutes pedicure treatment

15 minutes foot massage
Spa Package summary


  • 60 minutes pedicure treatment
  • Softening soak for the feet
  • 15 minutes foot massage using essential oils or a cream
  • Softening and polishing treatment for rough spots
  • Nail cutting, re-shaping and buffing
  • Finishing touch with transparent base coat

Operating Days & Hours

  • Monday to Saturday - 09h00 to 18h00 (last booking at 18h30)
  • Sundays & Public Holidays - 09h00 to 13h00 (last booking at 11h30)


1 Hour


Rose Hill


Until 30/09/2018

Conditions & Additional info

  • Bookings should be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • We request you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Arriving late will limit your treatment time.
  • The minimum age requirement for this spa treatment is 12 years old.
  • Mauritian ID card or Resident permit must be shown upon arrival

Booking Requirements:

  • Once full payment is received, customer must call spa directly to make reservation.
  • Treatment date and time is subject to availability so act and pay fast (First come First serve).

Cancellation policy

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Pédicure + Foot Massage at Body Mind & Soul Medical Spa

Think how much you use your feet every single day; so treat yourself with this Pedicure for smoother, silkier and firmer feet. This pedicure is definitely one of the most soothing and relaxing treatment after a long day or long week. Come and enjoy the nurturing touch of the expert therapist hands on your tired feet.

Deals.mu offers you an amazing 60 minutes Pedicure treatment at a great value. Upon arrival to the spa, you will be greeted by a staff member who will proceed to take you through your treatment of the day. Your feet pedicure will begin with a softening soak, dry up of the feet with a towel, followed by a foot massage of 15 minutes using essential oils or a cream.

The therapist will then use a special cream to heal the crack feet and polish same to remove dry skin, especially at rough spots. This will also help to soften your feet. Next, the therapist will do your nail cuts and shaping, followed by the application of a transparent base coat for nails to protect them.

After the treatment, an antiseptic lotion will be applied to your beautiful feet to keep them glowing.

So, enjoy your smooth, soft feet and lovely toes! You are now ready to wear your favorite sandals or cozy up at home in your comfortable slippers. Whatever the occasion, your feet will not only look but will feel great!

What is a pedicure?

A pedicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the feet and toenails, and can also help to prevent nail diseases such as Athlete's Foot, fungus and ingrown toenails. The word pedicure comes from the Latin word pes, meaning “foot”, and cura meaning “care”. The best pedicures not only make your toes beautiful, but also include lower leg and foot massages to totally revive your feet. Your feet should end up smooth and moisturized, and your toes perfectly shaped and polished – a pedicure is basically a manicure for the feet!

Beautifully pedicured feet will also encourage you to show them off, and it's amazing just how many people will notice and comment on how good they look!

Tip: In case you have more time to pamper yourself, it's also good to book a Manicure on the same day to take care of your hands.

Body, Mind, Soul Health & Wellness Medi Spa

Located in the heart of Rose-Hill, the Spa is a unique retreat with a wide range of treatment programs, tailored to your individual needs and tastes. Featuring a beautiful, modern and tranquil setting as well as all the comfort for its clients, Body, Mind, Soul Spa is the ultimate place for complete well-being and relaxation to all senses.

The team is composed of doctors and surgeons in aesthetic and anti-age from France and different countries. The spa also consists of an international spa team who will wake up every cell in your body.

The spa uses products and machines are CE marked with high efficiency. The spa constantly works on new products in close collaboration with a pharmacology professor of Marseille who is also part of the spa's panel of experts, including other international doctors.

Whether you want to have a hair treatment, a massage, an esthetic treatment or lose weigh, the spa offers a range of service, personalized to your requirements.

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