Off Road Package at Casela World of Adventures

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Package Highlights
Camel Ride around the reserve

Free Casela Park Visit

Lunch offered
Package summary

Purchase Inclusions

  • Park entrance ticket

    Toboggan (Avalanche Mines)

    Walk thru the aviary

    Big Cats Kingdom

    Giraffe and pygmy hippo viewing

    Camel and llama viewing

    Monkey Kingdom

    Kid’s playground

    Petting farm and Tortoise pen

    3D Interactive Map and 4D Cinema

  • Camel Ride
  • Lunch - Burger Meal

Operating Days

Monday - Saturday


09h00 - 17h00

Activity Time (Camel Ride)

09h00| 10h00| 11h00| 13h00| 14h00| 15h00


Until 31/01/2018

Conditions & Additional info

Minimum age: 5 years old

Number of people for the camel ride: 2

Weight limit: 100kg


  • Under no circumstances are you to remove your safety equipment, unless told to do so by your guide.
  • Please do not scream, shout, kick, slap or jump up and down while riding or while in close proximity to the camels; it may scare the animals and cause an accident.

Mauritian ID card or Resident permit must be shown upon arrival

Cancellation Policy

As per’s cancellation policy offers you the chance to enjoy a 45 minutes camel ride, a nice lunch while also visiting the Casela park. The Off the Road Package at Casela World of Adventures encloses a special kind of experience that gives you a feeling of harmony with nature while also providing you with fun.

Your adventure will take place in the wonderful Casela Park, where you will meet the peaceful desert animals. Camels can be very social, for e.g. Ali and Sahara enjoy being scratched under the chin while Josephine will try to sniff your feet if you approach her. However, their sense of hearing is extremely strong, so you need to be careful not to make loud noises around them.During your camel ride, you will be able to have a great view of the park and of Rempart Mountain.

In addition, at lunchtime you will get to enjoy a nice meal served at the Discovery Centre F&B outlet where you will have the choice between a delicious Casela Chicken Burger or Casela Beef Burger.

And of course, while visiting the park, you will have the chance to appreciate the beauty of giraffes, camels, colourful birds, zebras, ostriches, antelopes, white rhinos, impalas and kudus. Those seeking a more energetic outlet will be happy with the Avalanche mine toboggan. Kids will similarly be happy to spend time in the playground and in the Petting Farm.

Lots of exciting moments await you at Casela, so come enjoy this camel ride and have fun!

Lunch served at Discovery Center F & B outlet with two options:


  • Grilled chicken breast with pineapple
  • Cheese, gherkin and caramelised onion


  • Homemade beef patty, gherkin,
  • Cheese, bacon and caramelised onion

Beverage Package:Soft drink or water

Casela World of Adventures forms part of the Yemen Reserve which is 4,500 hectares of reserve hosting two of the longest rivers on the island - Rivière du Rempart and Tamarin River, and a haven for indigenous and exotic species. Home to Java deer, wild boars, hares, macaque monkeys, mongoose and fruit bats, as well as to ebony, cassias, tamarind and pink pepper plants, you will be kept in awe during your visit. The dynamic and vibrant park stands out for its diversity of leisure activities including authentic safari tours, speedy rides on off-road vehicles and extreme adventuress taking you up in the air and above the forested lands.

A Visit of the Casela Nature Park – World of Adventures which includes:

  • Toboggan (Avalanche Mines) - a thrilling fun ride on the first toboggan slide in Mauritius. The Toboggan includes two slides placed on a slope on which one slips with buoys.
  • Walk thru the aviary - Walk through the bird aviary and interact with various colorful bird species from around the world.
  • Big Cats Kingdom - For Big Cats lovers, this is a dream come true! Visit the Big Cats’ park to enjoy a close view of the lions, caracal and tigers.
  • Giraffe and pygmy hippo viewing - Come face to face with these majestic animals for a unique viewing experience.
  • Camel and llama viewing - Meet the camels and llamas, considered as one of the friendliest and most loving animals you will ever meet. Spend some time getting to know these amazing creatures.
  • Monkey Kingdom - have some fun watching the long-tailed monkeys skip and hop about, in their enriched, natural habitat. Kid’s playground - A new kid’s playground that will offer sensation to the young ones!
  • Petting farm and Tortoise pen - Ideal setting for people of all ages, especially children to interact with farm animals as well as tortoises.
  • 3D Interactive Map and 4D Cinema

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