influencers program

This is your chance to become a Brand Ambassador and start getting paid for your social media presences.

We at value you and your network and this is why we are here to reward you.

You can now earn high cash rewards and enjoy many freebies with!

How does it work

It is very easy and simple for you to become a influencer and get paid.


We will create the influencers Account for you.


We will share with you a special Influencer Referral Link unique to you


You will share this link through your social media network via posts, stories or any other


For each person who will click the link and then joins and book on you get Rs 200


What is even better is that each person who accepts your invitation also receives Rs 200! simple as that.
There are no limitations on the amount you can earn so it is all about you and your followers.

How much can i earn

A lot! It is Up to You only!

For each person you referred who then joined and booked on you will be paid Rs 200.
But it does not end here... each friend you invite, gets a Rs 200 gift from you… so everyone will surely like you even more :-)

Of course, the more people you invite, the more you will get paid.
In case you share your referral code and links with more people via email and social media you are surely to be paid more.

For example, if you have 10,000 followers, by sharing your referral code you can easily have many of your followers accepting your invitation for you to earn Rs 10,000 / month or even more!

Tracking your cash reward

Each influencer will have an account with where you will have full control on all that you do as well as full reporting on the amount payable to you..

At any given time you can log in and see who accepted your invitation and also see how much you've earned through your referrals.

What do i have to do

Since you are already an influencer you have very little to do. It is all about being rewarded for the hard work you did so far in building your social media reputation and having the followers.

All that you have to do is share the unique referral code we created for you with your followers and this is super easy to do.

You can choose any of these methods for sharing:

Share your influencer code by Email

Share by directly sending your code / referral link to people (this can be done via any channel such as whatsapp or any other)

Share via your social media