Full Day Tour - Complete Immersion in Rodriguan Life

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Discover Rodrigues with a Full Day Tour Package

Enjoy a truly immersive experience in Rodrigues with Deals.mu and indulge yourself in the quirky Rodriguan lifestyle.

This full day tour will help you discover first-hand the joys of the peaceful Rodriguan life, its exquisite cuisine and its exotic culture. See for yourself how the charming islanders earn their livelihoods through various enjoyable activities and try your hand at a few of them - you might even uncover a few hidden talents in the process!

This immersive day tour is all about putting yourself in the skin of an actual Rodriguan. You will accompany an experienced fisherman to his octopus fishing grounds in the clear lagoon of Rodrigues, where you will get to learn the process of octopus fishing and the tools used. You will then pay a visit to a typical Rodriguan household and afterwards indulge in baking pies and crafting commodities like hats, baskets, nets or fish traps.

You will also get to familiarise yourself with native musical instruments (the accordion and tambour). Despite bearing a few similarities to Mauritian music and dance, the Rodriguan music and the island’s folkloric dance, more specifically the séga-tambour, bears some notable divergences that add to its uniqueness. Rodriguan séga is more rhythmic and closer to the African culture; it adds vibrancy to the slow-paced life existing on the serene island.

Rodrigues Full Day Tour Package Inclusion

As part of the Full Day Tour - Complete Immersion in Rodriguan Life, the following is included:

  • A well-informed and experienced guide (in English or French)
  • 2-course lunch menu in a reputed restaurant (chicken, fish or vegetarian). Children’s menu available (Chicken or vegetarian noodles/ spaghetti). Please confirm your choice, at latest the day before)
  • A bottle of water for the day
  • Free transfer from and to your hotel/villa/lodging
  • Activities:
    • Typical house exploration - visit a conventional Rodriguan household
    • Crafting: make a hat, basket, net or a fish trap
    • Fish for Octopus with an experienced local fisherman
    • Play and/or dance on Séga - Tambour beats
    • Learn Accordion
    • Learn how to bake a pie

Rodrigues Full Day Tour Package Conditions

Operating Day: Tuesday & Friday

Duration: 7 hours

Activity Time: 08:30-15:00

Departure point: Your hotel/villa/lodging

Minimum number of participants: 2

Reservation: Required 72 hours in advance by phone & subject to availability

What you should bring: Sports Shoes, sunscreen, hat, camera

Validity: 30/06/2020

Note: It is recommended that you wear shorts, to avoid getting your clothes wet while assisting the octopus fisherman

Mauritian ID card or Resident permit must be shown upon arrival

Rodriguan Handicrafts

Hats are manually crafted from locally-found, crude materials such as vetiver fibre, pandanus (a palm-like tropical plant, typically known as vacoa), coconut or latanier leaves. For basketry, bamboo or sisal (a coarse and strong fibre) are normally used. Handicrafts like embroidery and basketwork constitute an important part of the Rodriguans’ main vocation.

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Rs 2,080