Fly Like Iron Man N’ Dive Like A Dolphin - Beginners Tandem Flyboard Mauritius

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Package Highlights
Maximum fun and adrenaline rush

Safety briefing and equipment

Pickup and drop off at Grand Bay Beach
Package summary

Purchase Inclusions

  • Pick up and Drop off at the Grand Bay beaches
  • Explanations and Briefing
  • Expert guidance by certified FLYn’DiveTM instructors
  • Brief and explanation
  • Obligatory safety measures
  • Equipment including the swim vest ( in different sizes (XS - XXXL) and FlyboardTM (lent)
  • Refreshment Drink
  • FLYn’DiveTM Tandem Flight session (10 minutes)
  • Maximum fun and an amazing unforgettable experience

Operating Days


Operating Hours

10h30 - 16h00


FLYn’DiveTM Tandem Flight for a single person: 10 minutes

FlyboardTM Tandem Flight in a private group of 3 persons including transfers: 1 hour


Grand Bay
Customers can be picked up at the Grand Bay Beach


What is flyboarding?

Flyboarding is popular water sport, with World Championships taking place each year in Dubai and Qatar. The rider stands on a hover device connected to a water hose. A water jet is pumped through the hose and the rider is gradually propelled above the water, allowing them to fly like a bird!

Is flyboarding for me?

If a 75 year old grandad can do it, so can you!

Is it a safe activity?

Yes. Our highly trained and certified Team will assist you at every step of the way. You will receive clear instructions that you only have to follow.

Tandem flyer T11 will fly along with his personal instructor whilst the the F11 rider will fly freely on his own.

Conditions & Additional info

  • You must buy at least 3 vouchers for the FLYn’DiveTM Tandem Flight Package
  • Age requirement: 5 years old and above
  • Note: A parent or legal guardian for participants under 18 years old will have to sign the voucher

  • Number of participant per group: 2-5 persons
  • Additional people (groups of more than 5 people) will have to be divided into several groups which will be handled sequentially.

  • The activity is subject to weather conditions
  • No activity will be performed, if the customer does not sign the voucher.
  • You can reschedule the activity at least 48 hours before the appoinTMent time.
  • In case you arrive late, there will not be any refund; therefore it is imperative to arrive on time at the agreed location.
  • Health Restrictions:

  • Maximum weight for Tandem: 65kg
  • Participants who cannot swim or have health problems are restricted from participating
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to participate for safety reasons
  • Mauritian ID card or Resident permit must be shown upon arrival

Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy as per

Fly like ‘Iron Man’ and Dive like a dolphin with this thrilling, Beginners FLYn’DiveTM Tandem adventure brought to you by!

If you are craving an upsurge of adrenaline, full of excitement and fun, where you can fly like ‘Iron Man’ and dive like a dolphin, then you will have to definitely try the FLYn’DiveTM adventure. You do not need to have any prior experience to ride the FlyboardTM and with the Tandem package, an experienced instructor will lead the way.

Doing a tandem FlyboardTM sounds more fun and exciting for the inexperienced who want to get a taste of this extreme watersport. You will perform, standing together with the instructor on the same FlyboardTM , a passive flight where you don’t need to worry too much about manoeuvring or keeping the board in balance. With the experts in hand, you will surely enjoy this activity whilst you flip, spin, and dive your way through the water and air.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience!

You will have the choice to select either the Tandem package or a combination of the Tandem and Accompaniment package;


Description: FLYn’DiveTM Tandem Flight for a single person, less than 65kg (single session) together with Certified FLYn’DiveTM instructor for 10 minutes. A minimum of 3 vouchers must be purchased.

  • FLYn’DiveTM ACCOMPANIMENT PACKAGE (1 person only)

Description: FLYn’DiveTM Accompaniment for a Tandem group of 3 participants. The person accompanying the Flyboarder will be a spectator on the boat.

Get ready and strap into the FlyboardTM! You will always enjoy a private session; no unfamiliar people will be with you. You are encouraged to share this exciting adventure with a group of friends or family members.

You will have the choice to select any or a combination of the packages below to tailor your exciting experience:


Category: FLYn’DiveTM Tandem Flight for a single person weighing less than 65kg (single session)

Description: A minimum of three FLYn’DiveTM Tandem sessions must be booked. The person(s) will be picked up together at the same agreed meeting point in Grand Bay by boat and will receive instructions and safety equipment. The participant will be taxied to the flight area, will passively perform the Flyboarding together with the FLYn’DiveTM instructor and will be brought back and checked out at the embarkation point.


Category: FLYn’DiveTM Accompaniment for a single person (single session)

Description: Only in combination with the FLYn’DiveTM Tandem Package. An accompanying member (friend or family) of the person(s) who perform the main activity (participant of FLYn’DiveTM Tandem) will be picked up together at the same agreed meeting point in Grand Bay by boat and will receive instructions and safety equipment. The person accompanying the Fly­boarder will be a spectator on the boat and once done, they will be brought back together and checked out at the embarkation point.


Participants in a group of 3 for the FLYn’DiveTM Tandem package have to expect an overall duration of 1 hour (adding 20 minutes for each additional group member).

The participants should be on time at the embarkation point as being late cuts their available time.

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