45 Min Facial By Luminesce Anti-aging Skin Care

Ciseaux 3D Hair Saloon
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Facial By Luminesce Anti-aging Skin Care - Ô Château Ciseaux 3D Hair Saloon

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45 Minute Facial
Luminesce Anti-Aging Skin Care
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  • 45 Minute Facial
  • Luminesce Anti-Aging Skin Care
  • Free Secure Parking

Operating Days

Monday to Saturday

Operating Hours

08h30 - 17h00

Total Duration

45 minutes


Chemin 20 pieds, Grand Baie


Until 30/06/2020

Conditions & Additional info

  • Note: Booking is required 24 hours in advance by phone & is subject to availability
  • Reservations should be made well in advance.
  • We advise you to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of your scheduled appointment.
  • Reservation: Required 48 hours in advance by phone and is subject to availability.

Booking Requirements:

  • Once full payment is received, customer must call spa directly to make reservation.
  • Treatment date and time is subject to availability so act and pay fast (First come First serve).
  • Mauritian ID card or Resident permit must be shown upon arrival

Cancellation policy

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Facial By Luminesce Anti-aging Skin Care at Ô Château Ciseaux 3D Hair Saloon

Enjoy a 45-minute facial by Luminesce Anti-Aging Skin Care treatment at Ô Château Ciseaux 3D Hair Saloon with Deals.mu’s discounted package.

Facials are an excellent way to maintain and deep-cleanse your skin and get rid of impurities. Regular facial treatments are just as important as the rest of your health and beauty regimens. As we age, our skin gets thinner and dryer. It loses collagen, which gives it a thick, plump appearance, and elastin, which makes it snap back quickly. The process of cell renewal starts to slow down, which makes skin dull looking. This package offers you a solution to this.

Experts developed a formula that helps maintain younger, smoother, and softer looking skin. The Luminesce anti-aging skin care restores youthful vitality and radiance to your skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reveals your unique glow.

This treatment will restore your skin’s radiance and vitality, giving you your natural glow back.

About Ô Château Ciseaux 3D Hair Saloon

The saloon is located in a castle-like building, two minutes away from Grand Baie. With a lounge, ample seating, an open setting and more, O Chateaux Ciseaux 3D looks forward to serving you and your needs for an exceptional experience.

At O Chateaux Ciseaux 3D, you will find exceptional stylists who always put their clients first. The stylists are always trained and educated on the newest and most trendy styles. With the latest styles, high-quality products and a passion for what they do – you're sure to have a truly revolutionary experience.

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