Ebony Forest Discovery Tour

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Ebony Forest Discovery Tour Package

Package Highlights
Discover The Ebony Forest of Mauritius with a Guided tour

Safari Jeep

Raised Walkways to explore the area

Lunch at Le Takamaka restaurant
Package summary


  • Hiking through the forest
  • Raised walkways through forest canopy
  • Safari Jeep rides
  • Guided tour
  • Bird watching opportunities
  • Optional: Lunch at Le Takamaka restaurant

Operating Days


Activity Time

  • Winter: April – 31st October 09:00 – 17:00
  • Summer: November – 31st March 09:00 – 17:30

You are requested to descend from Sublime Point at or before 17:00, regardless of the season. The last vehicle leaves at 17:00.



Conditions & Additional info

Special Group Discount: Benefit from a group discount as from 10 people

Note: Trainers or hiking shoes are recommended.

Health and Safety: The walkways are at times 4m in height, so if you suffer from vertigo, please let the guide know beforehand.

Mauritian ID card or Resident permit must be shown upon arrival

Cancellation policy

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Ebony Forest Discovery Tour Description

Discover the native flora and fauna of Mauritius through an exciting discovery tour of the Ebony Forest, brought to you by Deals.mu!

While exploring Ebony Forest, you will get to admire the native fauna of Mauritius, such as fruit bats, swiftlets and tropicbirds soaring high along the mountains’ ridgeline. You can choose to have a guided tour with one of the experienced staff members or if you prefer, wander along the trails on your own. If you are a keen bird watcher, you will be able to spot endemic birds, such as the Mauritius Paradise Flycatcher, Mauritian Black Bulbul and grey-white eyes.

The reserve’s exhibition centre will take you on a journey to over 8 million years. You will discover the unique animals and plants that once lived here and the destructive impact that humans have had in the last 400 years.

The forest has different trails and raised walkways that allow you to explore different parts of the forest. Safari jeeps are also available every 30 minutes. The Sublime Point trail offers a breathtaking view of Le Morne Brabant and the surrounding bays.

For lunch, you can head to the Le Takamaka restaurant, located at the Visitor Centre. The restaurant offers light lunches and local specialities such as deer sausages or the special poisson salé pizza. Or you can have a beverage (soft drink, cocktail or beer) and snack (samosa, roti, gateau piment) while taking a break from the stresses of life at the Sublime Point..

Ebony Forest Discovery Tour - Food & Beverages

Lunch Menu at Le Takamaka Restaurant

Adults Menu

Main Dish (Choose one):

  • Chicken vanilla sauce accompanied with salad, vegetables and chips OR
  • Chicken curry accompanied with rice, black lentils and chutneys OR
  • Vegetables curry accompanied with rice, black lentils and chutneys OR
  • Gateau piment and aubergine curry accompanied with rice, black lentils and chutneys


  • Caramelized banana with vanilla ice cream OR
  • Ice-cream / sorbet (3 scoops)

Drink: Non-alcoholic cold drink

Kids Menu

Main dish (Choose one):

  • Pizza Margherita (small)
    Tomato sauce and mozzarella Or
  • Fish fingers and chips Or
  • Chicken nuggets and chips

Dessert:Ice-cream / sorbet (1 scoop)

Drinks: Fruit juice

About Ebony Forest

Facilities at The Ebony Forest

  • Visitor Centre
  • Ebony Museum
  • Boutique
  • Le Takamaka restaurant
  • Sublime Point Snack
  • Toilets
  • Native Plant Nursery

Ebony Forest Trails

Ridgeline Trail

This trail runs along the mountain top. To the west, you will see Le Morne World Heritage Site and Île aux Benitiers, while to the east you will see the south-east coastline and the different plant restoration sites. From there, you can either walk down from Sublime Point, or up from the Flycatcher Raised Walkway. This is a relatively gentle trail of 1.1 km and is expected to take 30 minutes at average pace.

Piton Canot

This 400m trail is a continuation of the Ridgeline Trail and is accessible from Sublime Point. If you are feeling energetic, you can hike up to the peak of Piton Canot (542 m) where you will be rewarded by a 360 degrees view of the south-west of Mauritius. The trail ascends around 140 m, and will take a return trip of around 45 minutes. The hike up Piton Canot will be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the south-west of Mauritius.


  • Visitor Centre - Flycatcher Raised Walkway: 1.3 km
  • Flycatcher Raised Walkway - Sublime Point: 1.3 km
  • Visitor Centre - Sublime Point: 2.4 km

Raised Walkways

Flycatcher Raised Walkway

A guide will accompany you on this mid-canopy walkway of 300 m through one of the best-preserved ebony forests in Mauritius. You will encounter some of the rarest plants in Mauritius, see ebony trees and may meet the Mauritius Paradise Flycatcher and Mauritius Bulbul.

There are 14 guided tours per day, each 30 minutes in length. The first tour starts at 9:45 and the last one at 16:15.

Sublime Point Raised Walkway

This short raised walkway of 90 m leads to Sublime Point where you can take in the stupendous views! Relax and admire the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Le Morne, to the south and the Moka range, with the distinctive Pieter Both mountain to the north. Fruit bats, swiftlets and tropic birds soar along the ridgeline.

You can have a beverage (soft drink, cocktail or beer) and snack (samosa, roti, gateau piment) while taking a break from the stresses of life!

Note: You can access the raised walkway either from the Ridgeline Trail, Piton Canot Trail or at the safari jeep drop off point.

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