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Dolphins & Whales Deal Pakcages

Special Offers on Dolphin & Whale Tours

Book the most popular Dolphin sightseeing and Whale watching tours in Mauritius on offers you a selection of dolphin and whale tour packages to suit your budget and your style. Whether you just want to cruise by and watch whales from afar, or jump into the water and swim with dolphins, you can book these Dolphin and Whale Tours at the most affordable prices.

Dolphin Sightseeing Boat Tours & Packages

Witness one of the most fascinating mammals up close by riding into the deep sea. Dolphin tours are by far the most unique and popular activity for adventurous nature lovers. Book either a Dolphin Catamaran Tour or Dolphin Speedboat Sightseeing package where you also have the opportunity of swimming with dolphins.

Whale Watching Packages

Whale Watching in Mauritius is truly a unique and memorable experience. These Whale Watching Packages will give you the chance to encounter Blainville\’s Beaked Whale, Gray\’s Beaked Whale, Dwarf Sperm Whale, and the Sperm Whale which is the most famous whale in Mauritius. Top off the experience by doing both Whale Watching and Dolphin Sightseeing all in one package!