Discover Rodrigues Island - Cultural & Historical Full Day Tour

As from Rs 2,800 brings you one of the most recommended sightseeing tours when visiting Rodrigues.

As part of this full day cultural and historical sightseeing tour, you will visit interesting sites and unmissable places of interest in Rodrigues island.

Starting with a visit of the luxuriant 20-hectare Giant Tortoise Reserve where you will have the chance to explore a lush territory of 110,000 endemic plants as well as giant tortoises. Another interesting part of the park is the museum that teaches visitors a lot about the history and geology of Rodrigues.

After the visit, you will get to enjoy a delicious traditional lunch at a local restaurant in Rodrigues before visiting an old building that has stood the test of time, with its old-fashioned charm still intact, the Saint Gabriel Cathedral. Thrill seekers will be pleased to cross the exhilarating suspension bridge, all while enjoying astonishing surrounding views.

During the course of the day, you will also halt at specific sites, such as Mont Limon, where you will benefit from spectacular panoramic views over Rodrigues; you will be in awe of the breathtaking natural features of the island.

Uncover the Rodrigues’ indigenous character and uniqueness with this comprehensive package that will take you through wonderful spots on the island.

Itinerary of Full Day Cultural and Historical Sightseeing Tour in Rodrigues

  • Pickup from your place of accommodation
  • Visit of the Tortoise Reserve (entrance fees excluded from package price)
  • Lunch (excluded from package price)
  • Suspension bridge
  • Discover the South of the island
  • Visit to the church of Saint Gabriel
  • Climb to the peak of Mont Limon
  • Full transportation to all the sights
  • A personal driver guide to show you around and inform you on each of the sights

Note: Package price excludes entrance fees (where applicable) and Lunch.

Full Day Cultural and Historical Sightseeing Tour in Rodrigues - Package Conditions

Activity Time: 08:00 - 15:30

Duration: 7 hours 30 minutes

Departure Point: From your place of accommodation

Minimum no. of Participants: 2

Note: Price includes transport to all sites but excludes entrance fees (where applicable) and lunch.

What to bring: Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats

Validity: 30 September 2020

François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve

Located in the Southern coast of the island, just some minutes away from the airport, discover this 20-hectares of nature reserve of the rich flora and fauna, including spectacular caves that make up for a unique place to visit.

Here with the introduction of endemic plants, shrubs and trees, along with protected animal species, you will experience the pristine nature of the island as it used to be some 300 years back. Enjoy a nice stroll and close interaction with the giant tortoises which were once present in large numbers. The reserve is a conservation project that was started by Owen Griffiths a zoologist whose dream was to recreate the fauna and flora as it was when the first settlers arrived in Rodrigues.

The Cathedral of St Gabriel

The St. Gabriel Cathedral, formerly the largest and beautiful church of the Indian Ocean. This surprisingly grand church, situated at the heart of Rodrigues, has one of the largest congregations. Constructed between 1936 and 1939, each and every parishioner who arduously lugged stone, sand and coral from all corners of the island, contributed to the construction of the edifice. Christianity is an integral part of life in Rodrigues – hundreds of Rodriguans gather here every Sunday.

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