loyalty program


Discover Loyalty Program.

It is free, fast and the perfect way to get even more discounts and privileges.

Once you make a booking on selected packages that are eligible for the Loyalty Program, you will automatically earn Loyalty Points, which you will be able to use on your next purchases.

Saving money has never been easier!

The idea is so simple – Book, Earn and Redeem

How the Loyalty Points program works?


Earning Points:

To earn the Loyalty Points, you need to Create / Logged-in to your account and process your booking via the website

Once you purchase a selected package that is eligible for the Loyalty Program, you will automatically earn Loyalty points which you can use on your next purchase via, benefiting even greater discounts.


Your Loyalty Points Balance

Check the number of Loyalty Points that you have earned by just logging into your account on and view your Loyalty Points balance. These Loyalty points have direct value and you can redeem these points in exchange for a direct discount / money reduction on your bookings.


Redeem your Loyalty Points to Benefit Additional Discounts!

  • Log into your account and choose the option of ‘Spend your Loyalty points’.
  • Then select any of the deals (be it for Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, Activities, Day Packages and more) you would like to purchase and you will be redirected to the checkout page where you will have the option to choose how many Loyalty Points you would like to redeem.
  • Then after you will immediately benefit a direct discount on your booking.

Important to know on Loyalty Program

  • You can choose to accumulate your Loyalty Points for later use, benefiting from even bigger discounts during a later stage
  • Loyalty Points from do not expire and are linked to your account. So, once you make a purchase with us, you will be able to manage and view your Loyalty Points from your account.
  • You cannot transfer your Loyalty points to someone else as it is directly linked to your account.