Deep Sea Fishing At Grand Bay- 40ft Boat- Full Day

As from Rs 22,500

An Exclusive Full Day activity (7:00am -15:45pm) of adventure and fun on a 40 feet fishing boat, ideal for 3 anglers and can accommodate up to 8 passengers.

Sailing to the North from the jetty on-board our 40ft boat, you will pass by Cap Malheureux cruising along the northern coastline and then departing from the lagoon heading to the deep sea. The boat will pass by the impressive sea cliffs of Coin de Mire Island heading further north for you to enjoy fishing by Gabriel Island, even reaching as far as Round Island.

As this is a full day trip, you will have plenty of time to reach far into the deep sea and seek for the really big catches such as the giant Blue Marlin or even catch. The friendly crew have great navigation skills and deep knowledge of the north territory and they will do their best to get The Big One on the line for a memorable experience.

Also, in case you feel like having a break from fishing, we can include a stop for BBQ lunch, swimming, snorkeling and some relaxation.

BBQ Lunch Menu [optional]

Also, in case you feel like having a break from fishing, we can include a stop for lunch at one of the Northern islands (either at Gabriel Island or Flat Island). This is great chance to visit one of these amazing islets while taking a break from the adrenaline pumping fishing activity for a delicious lunch, swimming, snorkeling and some relaxation.

It is possible to enjoy a delicious full BBQ Lunch consisting of Salad, BBQ chicken, fish, rice, French fries and of additional traditional Mauritian dishes. The lunch is served on-board the boat and is offered for a supplement

Deep Sea/ Big Game Fishing in Mauritius

Mauritius holds several world fishing records (IGFA), including that of the mako shark of 1115 pounds, the blue shark of 400 pounds, a bonito of 41.5 pounds, a white tuna of 224 pounds and a ‘bécune’ of 125 pounds.

Come and discover firsthand the roar of the inboard Caterpillar engines, and the scream of tightly stretched line when a marlin or other gamefish has struck the kona, is a pulse-racing experience!

Big Game Fishing in Grand Bay

Warm deep blue waters, a gorgeous weather and prime fishing spots teeming with big game species…the North Coast of Mauritius has it all, and is considered a top fishing destination for your once in a life time fishing experience. The prolific North coast is bountiful and ideal for top-notch challenges and amazing fish. The thriving fishing banks are every fisherman’s dream. You can be sure to wind in a mighty catch with our professional team on-board.

Common species that you are likely to catch are the Bonito, the Wahoo, the Yellow Fin tuna, the Sailfish, the Dorado, the Blue Marlin and the Black Marlin.