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Best Spa Deals In Mauritius

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Find your perfect spa break to rejuvenate and boost all your senses.

Best Spa Deals In Mauritius

In need of some ‘me time’, a short romantic escapade or just some time to de-stress? Find your perfect spa break to rejuvenate and boost all your senses. Get the best spa deals on

A spa break is very often underrated. The benefits are multiple, it can be a day out for some ‘me time’, to relax and unwind, to soothe your sore muscles, boost your immune system or it can be a moment to cherish, alone or with loved ones. Whichever the reason you choose, is a good one to have a spa break.

Best Spa Deals in Mauritius

Spa Deals & Spa Packages – What To Expect

In need of some tranquility to rest your mind and re-fuel? A spa day is the perfect experience for you to relax, unwind and escape the hectic everyday life. It is the best choice of break for anyone wanting a moment to indulge in some luxury or to have a health retreat for a day.

There are a variety of spa deals you could choose from to suit your needs – whether it’s related to the need of some solo ‘me time’, a moment of pure tranquility and serenity to spend with a special someone or a beauty treatment you want to indulge in. In short, there is a spa deal out there to cater for everyone’s needs.

Although there are different spa packages, there will still be some experiences which would be common in almost all of them.

Best Spa Deals in Mauritius
  • Aromatherapy and Zen Atmosphere

The subtle colours and decor and the soothing music would already have you lured into a dreamy state. The delicate scent floating in the air is created by an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser to make you feel relaxed.

  • The Pre-Treatment Features

All smiling, a staff member would approach and welcome you, offering a beverage of your liking and handing you a hot or cold towel, gently fragranced to refresh yourself. You will be led to the changing rooms and provided with robes and then head to the treatment room.

  • Complimentary Access to Sauna, Hammam or Shower Facilities

Depending on the spa deal you choose and the amenities available at your chosen spa you will have access to the sauna, hammam and/or shower facilities. It is recommended that you go to the hammam or sauna before your massage. Some spas are even equipped with indoor or outdoor showers, bathtubs or jacuzzis.

Best Spa Deals in Mauritius - Facilities

Why Choose A Spa Retreat

Ever felt like letting go and getting pampered? In need of some new scenery and at the same time wanting to feel brand new again? A spa day is just what you need. For a short while allow yourself to completely forget the world around you and focus on yourself, what makes you happy and indulge in some luxurious treatment.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Spas are most often related to relaxation and stress relief. There is no doubt as to why it is like that. A day at the spa is first and foremost a day about one’s well-being. As the latin saying goes: “mens sana in corpore sano” which means a healthy mind in a healthy body.

It goes without saying that ‘feeling good’ comes from within and the spa does just that. It relaxes the body, hence the mind.

Best Spa Deals in Mauritius - Stress Relief and Relaxation

Beauty Treatment

Many spa packages include a beauty treatment apart from the massage. You will be able to enjoy all features that make up the spa break and have special beauty treatments done.

Of the beauty treatments available would be manicure, pedicure, facials and even anti-aging beauty treatments. Usually it would be followed by a massage or you would have access to the hammam or sauna for the complete pampering feel.

Best Spa Deals in Mauritius - Beauty Treatment

Full Body Massage and Treatment Combo

One of the most common spa packages is undeniably the full body massage and treatment combination deal. Opt for this package and enjoy a relaxing massage with essential oils and a beauty treatment be it a facial or a mani-pedi session. End the day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. brings you the most amazing full body and treatment combo spa deals.

Full Body Massage and Treatment Combo

Spa Packages And Experiences To Share

Group Spa Days and Breaks

Share the spa experience with a partner, friend or family member. Make the most of a group spa deal and enjoy bonding time over some very relaxing massage and serene moments. Spa packages for two or more people would allow you to enjoy all the features of a spa package, from the massage, the chillout hammam or sauna sessions or a nice beauty treatment in good company.

Group spa deals can be chosen to celebrate as well. It can be the beginning of a hen party, a birthday or just needing an excuse to get your group together for a spa break with that best friend you have not met in a long time. So enjoy your luxury hen break, or little girly getaway and book yourself a spa day.

Book your next spa package on to benefit from the best prices and special offers on Group spa Treatments and Spa Packages.

Best Spa Packages in Mauritius

Romantic Spa Deal for Couples

Couple Spa Packages are perfect for celebrating an occasion even though any time is a good time to share the love. Couples spa deals are about spending quality time with someone you love in complete and utter indulgence. Enjoy a hot stone massage or balinese massage while holding the hand of your special person and feel connected as you both relax. Romantic spa deals would often include having the treatment in a room where both lovebirds can enjoy a romantic time after the treatment around a cup of herbal drink. The room would usually include a bathtub filled with delicately scented warm water and flowers floating on top. Your spa break is all about your romantic escape.

Offering a variety of treatments, Couple Spa Packages are often carried out side by side so you can bond with your partner during the treatment. From Body Scrubs, Body Massages, Facials, to Sauna and Hammam sessions, you can relax together. offers the best Couple Spa Packages. From Couple massages to beauty treatments, share the love with your partner at the best possible prices.

Best Spa Deals In Mauritius has the largest range of spa deals available to you across the island. There is a package suited for everyone, whether you want some relaxing ‘me time’, a romantic escape, a day out chilling with the girls or any kind of luxurious wellness treatment, you are sure to find what you need. Get the most amazing spa deals at the lowest price on

Best Spa Deals in Mauritius

Most popular spa deals in Mauritius

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