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Best Hotel Deals for Mauritians

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Discover the best hotel deals - from budget hotels to luxury resorts with activities, spa and so much more.

Best Hotel Deals For Mauritians

Choosing the best hotel for your holiday or staycation can be an ordeal. makes everything easier with the best hotel deals and special hotel offers for you to choose from.

Best Hotel Deals for Mauritians

Best Hotel Deals For Everyone

Hotel stays are undeniably one of the best holiday breaks ever. Being able to switch abodes for a short while and wake up to a completely different surrounding and not having to worry about anything is what we all need come the holiday season, or for a weekend. That is why the right choice of hotel is important. There is a hotel deal to suit anyone’s need on Browse through the array of hotel deals and with the right filters, you will eventually find the hotel deal of your dream.

Best Hotel Deals for Mauritians

Hotel Accommodation At The Lowest Price

Going on a hotel break requires a well planned budget but the best time should not depend on the wallet. Direct reservations are often pricey and availability can be an issue. ensures you can have the best hotel stay at the lowest price. Re-adjust the filters to reflect your budget and other preferences and browse through the plenitude of hotels available to you. Low price does not mean low quality. You can enjoy all the perks of the resorts you choose, from trained and professional staff to the luxurious and lavish services and amenities while booking your hotel accommodation on

The Best Hotel Deals Have The Best Meal Plans

One of the favourite things about staycations is the food! Special crafted dishes by chefs and around-the-world buffets are culinary experiences which highlight any hotel stay. A hotel deal can be booked on different meal plans.

Bed & Breakfast Hotel Deals

Opting for a bed & breakfast hotel deal would guarantee you would wake up to a beautiful breakfast. Enjoy a nice english breakfast, continental breakfast or breakfast buffet! You will be pleased to find the assortment of dessert at your breakfast buffet which ranges from fresh fruits and yogurt to sweet pancakes and pastries. You can choose between hot drinks or cold juice from the beverage stand as well. Bed and breakfast hotel accommodation packages make sure you have the best meal in the morning to help you re-fuel and begin the day the best way you can.

The Best Hotel Deals Have The Best Meal Plans

Half Board and Full Board Hotel Deals

Going for a half board or full board hotel stay would guarantee that you’d spend the stay as spoilt as possible in terms of good food.

  • Half Board Hotel Deals

Half board meal plans mean your stay includes breakfast and dinner. That’s a good package to opt for if you like to keep the day out and about doing multiple activities. You can kickstart your day with an energising breakfast and end it with a beautiful and exquisite dinner buffet or à la carte menu.

  • Full Board Hotel Deals

Opting for the full board meal plan is heaven for foodies. Having all the meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by the hotel’s restaurants is just a dream come true for us who like to try new food and revel in different cuisines. From Continental or Breakfast Buffets to A la Carte Lunches and Signature Dinner menus or Dinner Buffets, you’ll be stuffed and glad you booked a full board meal plan.

You can find the best discounted Half Board and Full Board Deals on

All Inclusive Hotel Deals

Unlimited food and drink throughout the whole day – that’s what all-inclusive is all about! From themed buffets to signature cocktails, an extensive drink menu and fancy a-la-carte restaurants, if you’re a foodie then you’re in for a treat. Plus you get to have fun with tons of activities and entertainment on offer. On you can choose from our selection of the top and most popular All-Inclusive hotels in Mauritius. These All Inclusive hotels are highly rated for their food, drink, top-notch service and resort facilities.

All Inclusive Hotel Deals

Complimentary Activities

Hotel stays are much more than just an elegant sea facing room and exquisite food. They propose so many activities for guests to participate in, ensuring their stay is never boring and that everyday is different.

Accommodation and Spa Combo

The complimentary spa access is a favourite feature for many. For a complete relaxing holiday, a spa break is much needed. Selecting hotel deals which provide access to the spa’s sauna and hammams and other treatments is for anyone who wishes to live the hotel life with a good spa experience. Go on your journey to serenity by booking some hours off your day to spend at the hotel spa.

Accommodation and Spa Combo

Land Activities and the Boathouse

Apart from the spa, there are fun activities you can do at hotels. When you book your hotel stay, you are also provided with complimentary land and water activities. You can plan your stay in a way that you will be able to enjoy all the perks of your deal, including the activities. Enjoy a nice beach volley moment, or tennis match with your partner or even go for a golf day out depending on the hotel you choose.

Complimentary Activities - Land Activities and the Boathouse

Since most of our hotels are by the beach, you can benefit from the beach and swimming pool offered by the hotel as well as the boathouse services. Spend a day at the beach, go for a glass bottom boat ride, giggle away while you have a kayak race with your friends or relax while gazing out onto the ocean on your pedal boat.

Hotel Stay For Families

It goes without saying that Family friendly hotels are like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to enjoy beautiful bonding moments as a family and have the opportunity to relax while the kids are having fun in a totally supervised environment. Hotels which are family friendly would have connected rooms for you to be able to check on the kids whenever you need to. They will also have activities catered for families, specially for kids. You can get the kids to make new friends at the kids and teens clubs while you enjoy some spa time with your partner.

Hotel Stay for Families

Adult Only Hotels

There are many adult only hotels where privacy and quietness are the keywords. These adult only hotels are the perfect choice for honeymooners or couples celebrating their love and needing some time away from everything. Adult only hotel packages often offer exclusive romantic dinners or spa treatments to make sure your stay is memorable. Even if you are not a couple, and you just want to spend a calm retreat with friends or family you can still go for this option. If an escape of everyday’s life and a complete moment of tranquility is what you seek then our special adult only hotels are for you.

Adult Only Hotels

Luxury Hotel Deals or Budget Hotels Deals

Luxury hotel deals are the top tier staycation option you can choose. Indulge in the most luxurious hotel rooms and benefit from state of the art services and feel like you are no less than royalty. All hotel packages are offered at an amazing price and feature great inclusions along with upgraded extras. Be on the lookout for free meal upgrades, complimentary early check-in, late check-out, spa treatments and 5-star services.

In need of a rejuvenating hotel stay without breaking the bank? Budget hotel deals are for you! Low priced hotel deals are crafted to welcome just anyone. Whether you are spending the time with a group of friends, looking for a short relaxing holiday with the family, in search for a cozy nest by the sea with your partner or just a lone wolf looking for some time away from the pack, budget hotels can be suited to your needs. Enjoy all the perks of a resort at incredible prices.

Luxury Hotel Deals or Budget Hotels Deals

Most Popular Hotel Deals on

You will find the best hotel deals at the lowest price guaranteed only on Look out for flash offers, special offers, meal upgrades or spa discounts as you book your dream hotel stay on

Most Popular Hotel Deals

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