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Best Activity Deals In Mauritius

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Adding Fun to your Life!

Best Activity Deals In Mauritius

Whether you are looking for group activities, exciting adventures, romantic escapes or just looking for some fun things to do, you can be sure has something for you! brings you the best activity deals in Mauritius.

Best Activity Deals In Mauritius

Exciting Adventure Deals

Going on adventures has been a way for us to escape reality since we were kids. Adventure activities are not always about being risky or pushing your limits, they can also be about new discoveries and experiences without pumping the adrenaline through your veins.

Going on a hiking trip up a mountain, down a waterfall or trekking along a river in a valley does not demand that you are a gym enthusiast of any kind. All you need is proper shoes, water and some snacks!

For the adrenaline junkies, some adventure activities or extreme sports would definitely tickle their fancy. Don’t worry about having any experience or know-how for extreme activities like Skydiving or Quad Biking or Sailing, since there’ll always be a trained professional to lead the way. But it doesn’t hurt to have some decent knowledge of how to manoeuvre around and good physical health so that you can fully enjoy these activities.

Exciting Adventure Deals in Mauritius

Many other adventures are as exceptional: a boat trip, parasailing, ziplining or even horse riding in nature. You will get to witness epic sceneries unfolding before your eyes.

Best Family And Group Activities

During a long weekend break, the best thing you can do is book a fun activity with your family or group of friends. Doing an activity together strengthens bonds and creates cherishable memories. Book an activity with the squad and spend the time together on a catamaran cruise, island hopping, touring around in a helicopter or riding quad bikes in the wild.

There are so many Group Activities available on to suit all tastes and budget. Book an outdoor nature group activity and go off-road with a Quad Bike Package. Cruise on the seas with a Catamaran Tour, perfect for large groups, where up to 27 people can join.

The main part of choosing an activity to do in a group is the shared experience and the creation of new memories. Family trips or activities are a good way for parents to spend time with the kids doing something fun. For friends it could be a way to celebrate their friendship and to add more pictures to the friends for life album.

Best Family And Group Activities in Mauritius

Group activities are not only for families or friends, they can be good for team building as well. Activities like Dodo Quest, or laser tag could be a fun way to have your team work together for fun. Otherwise, a boat trip, hiking, a day out kayaking or doing any other activities could help building a positive atmosphere between colleagues.

Be sure to make the most of our special group offers, where the more people in your group, the more you save with our massive discounts!

Romantic Activity Deals to Celebrate Love

You have done it all, dinner date, movie night, romantic staycation, spa breaks and now you just don’t know what else to do. Fortunately has you covered. Book the most romantic activity on and enjoy a memorable experience with your partner.

Spending quality time with your special someone is a commodity that is turning into a luxury nowadays. People get so absorbed in their everyday life that there is hardly time to spend together to show the love between. In need to create some unique and exceptional memories? Choose a romantic activity like a helicopter sightseeing tour or a catamaran cruise for you to enjoy with your partner. Chasing sunset on a boat surrounded by water is a beautiful thing to experience with your better-half.

Romantic Activity Deals to Celebrate Love

Amazing Water & Sea Activities

Water activities are a big favourite for almost everyone!

Take your beach day a notch higher and go for a thrilling water sport package. Get that adrenaline rush while wind or kite surfing, cutting through the water as you gain in speed. Fishing amateurs can opt for deep sea or big game fishing deals to feel the thrills of pulling on the line for a great catch. Sailing courses are also available for those who would like to get the expert badge before setting sail. The underwater world is an experience to behold. Underwater activities are available for those who want to feel a truly unique experience while discovering marine life.

Amazing Water & Sea Activities in Mauritius has water sport packages for the adventurous at heart. Book some of the best extreme water activities like the flyboard where you can hover and dive into the sea or take to the skies above the water with parasailing.

For the ones who are not fans of extreme sports, there are still numerous ways they can enjoy sea and water activities. Embarking on a catamaran cruise and spending the day on an island or kayaking in the open sea.

Land & Air Activities For Nature Lovers

Outdoor land & air activities and extreme sports are just what you need to feel the rush and get your blood pumping.

There are many activities that offer a lot of fun in nature and you can explore the wilderness with Safari Trips, Mountain Hiking, Canyoning, Ziplining, Quad Bike Rides, Horse Riding and much more. Activities done on land are ideal for everyone, families, friends or even work buddies. They allow you to have a change of scenery and to discover new places or familiar areas from a different angle. Get ready to re-discover Mauritius from a new perspective.

Land & Air Activities For Nature Lovers

Activities done in the air can be both calm and relaxing or exciting and extreme. Helicopter tours and parachutes are exceptional experiences. Watch the Mauritian landscape from a bird’s eye view and take in the beauty of our paradise island from a perspective few have the chance to get. For the fearless and the brave, skydiving would be the ideal air activity. Not only would they be able to enjoy the view..but they would be able to merge with it. A totally unique experience.

Discover the most popular and best selling land and air activities in Mauritius with

Discover the most popular activities in Mauritius

Discover the most popular activities in Mauritius on

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