Ayurvedic Therapy - Rejuvenation of 5 Senses Spa Treatment

Ayuryoga International Mauritius
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120-Minute Ayurvedic Therapy + 9 Ayurvedic Treatments

Spa Package Highlights
120-Minute Ayurvedic Therapy

9 Ayurvedic Treatments

Complete 5 Senses Rejuvenation Cure
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120 minutes Ayurvedic Therapy:

  • Abhyangam
  • Ksheeradhara
  • Kizhi
  • Swedhanam
  • Nasyam
  • Netraseetikaranam
  • Karnapooranam
  • Kablam
  • Dhoomapanam

Spa Facilities

Secured Parking

Operating Days

Wednesday to Monday

(Closed on Tuesdays)

Operating Hours

08:00 to 13:00 & 15:00 to 19:00

Total Duration

2 hours


Vinson Lane, Moka


Until 30/06/2020

Conditions & Additional info

  • Reservation: Required 48 hours in advance by phone and is subject to availability.
  • Restriction: The Spa reserves the right to refuse treatment to any guest in case of skin problems.
  • Mauritian ID card or Resident permit must be shown upon arrival
  • Booking Requirements:

    • Once full payment is received, customer must call spa directly to make reservation.
    • Treatment date and time is subject to availability so act and pay fast (First come First serve).

Cancellation policy

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About the Ayurvedic Treatments at Ayuryoga International Mauritius

Deals.mu brings you a unique spa package including 9 Ayurvedic Treatments by Qualified Ayurveda Therapists from Kerala.

Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems. It's based on the belief that health and wellness depends on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

This relaxing spa session offers nourishment to the tissues, cells and energy channels by inducing deep relaxation to tired muscles and calmness to the mind and nervous system.

The package essentially comprises of an Indian treatment - Punarjeeva (Rejuvenation of the Five Senses). This is a Kerala Ayurvedic Therapy consisting of various Ayurveda treatments to rejuvenate your five sensory organs. It is designed to detoxify and cleanse your body by boosting the effectiveness of your immune system.

The 9 Ayurvedic treatments included in the package will be offered to you by qualified Ayurveda Therapists from Kerala.

The 9 treatments are:

  • Abhyangam - A relaxing and refreshing full body massage with herbal oils.
  • Ksheeradhara - Similar to Shirodhara but instead of herbal oil, milk infused with special herbs is continuously poured over the forehead or all over the body.
  • Kizhi - A type of massage performed using small satchels containing herbal powders, rice or sand.
  • Swedhanam - A herbal steam bath treatment.
  • Nasyam - A therapeutic treatment for the nose, throat, sinuses and headaches.
  • Netraseetikaranam - Eye care for abnormally dry eyes, itchy or watery eyes.
  • Karnapooranam - Helps in treating ear ailments using medicated fumes or warm oils.
  • Kablam - Herbal mouthwash to heal jaw.
  • Dhoomapanam - Curative medicated smoke inhaled through nostrils and exhaled through the mouth.

Ayuryoga International Retreat & Research Centre Ltd.

Ayuryoga International Retreat & Research Centre is on the mission of propagating the unique benefits of the ancient and time-tested Kerala specific Ayurvedic and Panchakarma Therapies. By establishing authentic and professionally managed Ayurvedic Wellness Centers, the Ayuryoga Centre is able to render customer friendly services without compromising the essence of Ayurveda, “The Science Of Life”.

Ayurvedic therapies are traditionally proven to aid health rejuvenation, stress relief and alleviate specific chronic/acute ailments without side-effects. The holistic approach of Ayurveda is unique- treatment given is for the individual as a whole- the body, mind and soul. Treatment is not only to correct the affected part, but also to correct the origin and balance the equilibrium.

At Ayuryoga International Retreat & Research Centre, experienced Ayurvedic doctors will be available to consult before deciding on what treatments should be provided. The experienced and skilled therapists from Kerala help customers choose their diet, exercise program, forms of meditation, herbal teas and beauty products. They also guide customers through a variety of energy healing practices and body works.

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