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All Inclusive Hotel Day Package Deals for Local Mauritians

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All Inclusive Hotel Day Packages, The Perfect Day Out

All Inclusive Hotel Day Package Deals for Local Mauritians

Hotel Day Package Deals are the best way to enjoy the perks of a hotel without the need to spend the night at the hotel, or for those on a budget.

Even better than just a day package is an All Inclusive Hotel Day Package. Make the most of your day out at the hotel without missing out on anything!

All inclusive Hotel Day Package Deals for Local Mauritians

What to Expect from an All-Inclusive Hotel Day Package

An all inclusive day package is a day pass of 5-7 hours where you get access to most of the hotel facilities. Spend the best time with your partner, a family member or a friend, or even alone if you need some ‘me time’, by booking a day at a hotel.

When you book an all-inclusive day package you will be able to enjoy unlimited drinks alongside lunch and other treats. Feast on the finest of buffets or most elaborated à la carte menus and drink all you want; grab a cocktail and chill by the pool, soaking in the sun.

What to expect from an All-inclusive Hotel Day Package

All You Can Eat!

As part of your all inclusive day package, get unlimited food and drink throughout the day!

You will have the chance to savour a scrumptious lunch at a designated restaurant of the hotel for a buffet or an a la carte experience.

Relish international buffets with dishes from all over the world including local favourites or a crafted dish from the chefs. From the starters, the main dishes, the sides to the desserts, you will be having a hard time choosing your favourite. A real culinary feast which can only be complemented with the right beverage. Sit back and enjoy a classic afternoon tea and snacks to end the day on a delicious note.

All-inclusive Hotel Day Package - All You Can Eat

Unlimited Drinks

One of the best things about an all inclusive day package is that you get to drink all you want and quench your thirst throughout the day.

You do not need to wait for lunch time to get your hands on that refreshing fruit juice or cocktail. Whilst you lounge by the pool or watch the waves, make the most of the beach and pool service where you can get your drinks served right to you! Otherwise, you can just walk to the bar and order your favourite drink whenever you feel like it.

During lunch you can ask for freshly prepared fruit juice or go for a fancier cocktail. Or you can simply keep it classic and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Ask for your favorite locally bottled drink and enjoy the meal even more.

There’s a drink for everyone – you can choose from locally bottled beers, rums or a range of non-alcoholic drinks too. Some hotels also offer premium spirits on all inclusive day packages.

All-inclusive Hotel Day Package - Unlimited Drinks

A Day-Use Room

This is your break from everyday life! You will want a place to rest and relax comfortably. A day-use room is an option for guests on an all-inclusive day package. You will get to chill in a cosy room , along with a comfy bed, private bathroom, air conditioning and all the comforts you need to relax.

A day-use room is ideal for you to keep all your belongings safely before you head out to begin your activities. You can retreat to the room to regenerate your energy levels in between activities or whenever you feel like laying down and having some time to unwind.

All-inclusive Hotel Day Package - Day-Use Room

An Ideal Day Out for All Ages and Likings

These all-inclusive package deals are ideal for everyone; families, friends and couples. You can be sure to have your day exactly how you want it to be.

Want A Relaxed Day? You Have It!

You can opt for an all inclusive day package which includes a spa and wellness treatment in addition to the unlimited food and drink. Many hotels which are renowned for their spas would often have day packages to let you indulge in a blissful moment to make your break worth it.

All inclusive day packages with spa treatments often include full body massages, scrubs, facials along with free access to the spa facilities like the sauna, hammam and even the spa pool.

All-inclusive Hotel Day Package - Relaxed Day

Family Time – Bonding Is Everything!

Sometimes even though we live under the same roof, a little day out with the family is always a fun and nice experience. A day-pass at the hotel can be just what you need to bond with your loved ones and create memories.

Don’t we all like a good beach volley session of parents vs kids or a game of petanque? If you prefer to relax and enjoy each other’s company choose to unwind while having a massage or chill by the swimming pool knowing the kids are in safe hands and having fun at the kids club.

Fun-Packed Day Out

Your all-inclusive day package at a hotel in Mauritius will surely be a day to remember!

There is no room for boredom with the number of land and water activities you can enjoy at the hotel.

You could start off slow with a nice boat ride then move on to more energetic activities. Or do it the other way around. For those of you who consider gym time as sacred, you will not be let down since some hotels give you free access to the gym. Head for the beach where you benefit from access to non-motorised water sports including kayaks and pedal boats. Otherwise you can take part in the hotel’s daily activity programme which can include anything from a volleyball match to pétanque or table tennis. Slap on some sunscreen lotion and get ready for all the fun you are going to have!

You can be sure all the fun is going to work out an appetite and you will enjoy the lunch even more.

Upgrade your Day at the Hotel to an All Inclusive Day Package

Take your day at the hotel a notch higher and get an all-inclusive hotel day package. Upgrade from a regular day package to an all-inclusive day package and make the most of your time spent at the hotels. gives you the choice to book a regular day package with an all inclusive option for selected hotels. Get the best value for your money and choose to add an all Inclusive option to your day package, where for a small supplement you too can enjoy unlimited food and drinks. guarantees you the lowest price for the best deals.

Upgrade your Day at the Hotel to an All Inclusive Day Package

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